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Wireless Broadband Connectivity


We Offer The Best Wireless Broadband Connectivity Bundles In The US

Wireless data created with your business’s most important uses and budget in mind. SmartCitySolutions’ Wireless Broadband connectivity services can provide a cost-effective network alternative for business-critical applications, a diverse backup option for business data applications, and a quick deployment option for new and remote business locations, including work from home, whether it’s used as the primary or failover service.

Our services are suitable for all types of routers including low-cost routers to ensure customers are delivered with all they want.

What Benefits Do You Get?

We Deliver Enterprise-level Wireless Broadband Connectivity That Suits Your Business.

Better Control

Give your mission-critical apps the quick, dependable connection they require to keep your company running.

Better Control

Backup service

Have a highly dependable backup connection in case your wired connection becomes overburdened or fails.

Backup service

No overage

Our no-overage plans provide you with a predictable monthly rate, allowing you to focus on your business rather than your bill.

No overage

Multiple device options

SmartCitySolutions offers advanced routers, but its Wireless Broadband is also compatible with any other certified routers. The decision will be as per your preference.

Multiple device options

Comprehensive Software services include

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    Our cloud-based platform enables customers to access services without capital investment.

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    Mobile bundles are available day 1 and additional bundles and markets can be developed as our customer’s go-to-market plans evolve.

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    API’s make connecting customers, suppliers and partners quick and easy. As needs and partnerships evolve, we are prepared to add others to our ecosystem quickly.