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White-label Front-End - SCS


White-label Front-End Service That Lets You Reach A Vast Audience - SCS

SmartCitySolutions is a white label company with a team of dedicated developers, designers, and marketers working together as an addition to your internal team. We work as genuine partners to your company and not only as an ordinary white label agency. Being a White Label Marketing company, we are dedicated to being your firm’s backstage office. Let our White Label Services be the reason for your business growth while you take a rest in the back-seat, relishing your company’s flourishment and growth.

What Do Our White Label Frontend Services Offer?

Overview: SCS can provide customers a fully integrated white-label front-end to accelerate go-to-market, simplify operations and reduce expense.


  • A platform that seamlessly integrates customers through suppliers for a clean end-to-end experience
  • Customer self-service portal
  • Automated trouble ticketing system
  • Admin portal for insights and tools to manage your business
  • Payments enabled
  • Taxes charged
  • End-user e-billing


  • Fully integrated already
  • Flexible options to customize
  • Low cost
  • Accelerates go-to-market

Comprehensive Software services include

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    Our cloud-based platform enables customers to access services without capital investment.

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    Mobile bundles are available day 1 and additional bundles and markets can be developed as our customer’s go-to-market plans evolve.

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    API’s make connecting customers, suppliers and partners quick and easy. As needs and partnerships evolve, we are prepared to add others to our ecosystem quickly.