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Traveler eSIM - SCS


Traveler eSIM - SCS

SmartCitySolutions offer secured yet convenient Traveler eSIMs for Connectivity to make sure you stay connected to your loved ones wherever you are. For added protection, we can configure your SCS travel eSIM with your own APN and Secure dedicated VPN, ensuring that data traffic is encrypted and routed directly to your Data Center firewall. With this setup, you won’t be able to access the public internet, and you’ll be able to decide what to do with the traffic created by the endpoints. Fixed IP, IMEI Locking, URL black and whitelisting, and firewall services are some of the other features.

What Else Do Our Services Hold?

The essential features of our Traveler eSIM for connectivity are:

Worldwide possibilities

Our travel eSIM connectivity services are extremely dynamic and adaptable. They’re available in more than 195 countries owing to our network partners. You’ll get numerous networks per country, all of which are carrier-neutral and unmanaged. The SCS Travel eSIM connects to over 700 networks across the world.

Worldwide possibilities

Best Prices

Predictable and adaptable, with comprehensive coverage owing to multiple networks per country, at a transparent price.

You get the finest performing network at your location and the greatest pricing with the SmartCitySolutions Travel eSIM because it is non steered.

Best Prices

Comprehensive Software services include

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    Our cloud-based platform enables customers to access services without capital investment.

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    Mobile bundles are available day 1 and additional bundles and markets can be developed as our customer’s go-to-market plans evolve.

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    API’s make connecting customers, suppliers and partners quick and easy. As needs and partnerships evolve, we are prepared to add others to our ecosystem quickly.