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Create targeted and focused telecom services with SCS. by working with us, you can set up MVNO service plans that will allow you to create and build a targeted telecom for your customer base.

Establishing your company as a mobile virtual network operator company will enable you to fulfil all the market needs through the targeted telecom. Working with smart city solutions, you will have a wonderful experience, you will also benefit from collaborating with the most flexible and convenient MVNE.

Perks & Benefits Included In Our MNVO Service

We have a diverse range of MVNO services along with offering additional perks and benefits.


  • Round the clock customer support

You can ping us at any time of day or night and we will fully satisfy your queries and concerns.

  • Success-based and highly pocket-friendly pricing packages.
  • Offering personalized and efficient plans that are effective in tapping new customers.


  • With the low cost of operations, we offer the exact same services as a mobile operator.
  • Our cutting-edge platform is highly scalable to up to 1 million subscribers.
  • Multiple MVNOs can be connected simply to only a single platform.

Our Tailored MVNO services include,

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    20 years of experience in mobile

    SCS has successfully managed to have launched 170+ MVNOs across the US. It’s time for yours!

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    Real-Time Control

    Control of traffic, billing, advanced rating, etc. For robust management of your organization.

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    From full MVNO architecture to eUICC/eSIM, our robust mobile virtual network operator service has revolutionized market trends.