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Managed Services - SCS


Managed Services - SCS

SmartCitySolutionsoffer a wide scope of far-off Hybrid IT, with obligations going from explicit on-request reaction to every minute of every day/365 inclusion of IT obligations. Associations can use oversaw IT to lessen in-house IT responsibility or fill holes left by existing IT jobs and abilities. These administrations are accommodated on-premises IT, just as for private distributed storage.

Our specialist cooperatives can diminish in-house overhead, increment IT effectiveness, and further develop uptime for the executives. Nevertheless, to guarantee consistency with public and worldwide administrative elements, associations ought to guarantee that potential MSPs appropriately uphold information assurance and security principles.

What Else Do We Offer?

Overview: SCS provides Managed Services for your mobile service so you can focus on your customers and the profitable growth of your business.


  • Support staff already familiar with systems, processes, and the business
  • Back-office management of your service
  • Tier 1/2/3 support
  • Success-based pricing model
  • Dashboard insights


  • Greater efficiency
  • Allocate resources to growth
  • Reduce support staff costs
  • Get to market faster

Comprehensive Software services include

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    Our cloud-based platform enables customers to access services without capital investment.

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    Mobile bundles are available day 1 and additional bundles and markets can be developed as our customer’s go-to-market plans evolve.

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    API’s make connecting customers, suppliers and partners quick and easy. As needs and partnerships evolve, we are prepared to add others to our ecosystem quickly.