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Top ten most popular FAQs

What is mobile enablement?

SCS helps businesses enter the mobile services space using a platform that provides connectivity, APIs, customer service, payments and a white-label front-end.

Who should I contact for help?

Customers can open tickets on the portal. There will be training so you are fully up to speed how to operate.

How long is a Managed Services contract for?

That is up to our customer. We are flexible and it can be canceled anytime.

How much does this cost and what are the commitments?

There is a minimal set-up fee, beyond that it is success-based with no commitments. That means you only pay based on the business you bring.

What if I want to add a new payment method?

SCS is flexible to add new payment methods and can quickly add or integrate as needed.

What is a white-label front-end?

It is an administrative portal to manage your services and customer and a web interface for customers to manage their account.

What is Managed Services?

This is a service whereby SCS provides full back-office management of your mobile service so you can focus on marketing and winning customers. Best of all, it’s success-based so you don’t commit to spending unnecessarily.

What if I already have a branded front-end?

That’s easy! We will provide you APIs to integrate into our connectivity platform.
What payments are enabled by the platform?

We can provide your end-users wire, ACH, Zelle and credit card payments. If you need another method, it’s quick and easy for us to set-up.

How do I know what’s happening with my business?

SCS provides customers with portal access to have real-time insights. In the portal, you are able to activate, suspend and cancel services, enter trouble tickets, run reports and much more.

Does SCS offer any applications?

Yes, contact us to learn more about IoT applications that you can sell to your customers.

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