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Cloud Communications Platform As A Service


Transform The Experience Of Your Customers

We firmly believe that entrepreneurship and globalization are the primary reason for the world becoming a better place. With a communication solution that eliminates the distance factor, we empower entrepreneurs even in the most cornered places of the world and help contribute to their success.

Our services are diverse and capable of helping out large scale businesses as well as small and our platform is fully dedicated to those developers interested in communication platforms as a service.

What We Offer

SCS offers more than just a simple service. We believe in securing and listing every single one of our users in the loyal customers’ list, therefore, serving you with additional perks and benefits,


  • Free Solution For Customer Service
  • Free Of Cost Mobile Applications Exclusively For Your Team
  • Free Of Cost Team Communication


  • Streamlining customer service procedures
  • Levelling up your customers’ interest and engagement strategies
  • Securing all your transaction by customers against scams and frauds

A Customized Communications Solution

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    Call Recording API

    An instant and swift centralized solution for the recording of all your outgoing and incoming calls. With recorded calls, allow yourself to easily manage and organize files through API.

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    Voice Response API

    Change or create the configuration of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) through the API. Alter the menu functions and features along with the call forwarding destinations.

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    Suggested Answers API

    Whenever customer questions are handled via the online chatbox, the SCS API provides and suggests answers instantly.
    This magnificently reduces the time that is wasted typing answers by 15-20%. Use the interface we provide or choose your own to integrate the suggested answers by the API for free on our platform.