Smart City Solutions

Smart City Solutions (SCS) is a privately held Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) company that is revolutionizing mobile services.  Today, we are proud to boast a automated platform with many satisfied customers…but we are just getting started!

Our Customers

Communications Service Providers (CSPs)

• Already have Mobile Offerings - help them enter new markets, expand their offering and reduce costs.
• Don’t have mobile offering – cablecos, CLECs and others can now offer their customers a mobile service under their brand, making their customers more loyal and boosting financials.


• Better manage employee mobile costs by setting-up the right plans for each job vs. employee expenses overly costly plans.
• Uses the SCS portal to manage your connectivity needs by activating, suspending, upgrading and canceling services.
• Use SCS for Internet of Things (IoT) applications to simplify become more efficient

Internet of Things (IoT) Application Service Providers

• Direct in-market connectivity to the mobile operators worldwide yielding greater QoS than roaming.
• Simplified operations by having a single partner to provide native connectivity globally
• Flexible commercials to meet the need of the application, metered and bundles.


• Launch a new mobile service using your brand in a matter of days…no experience required.
• Customers focus on marketing and sales to grow subscriber base.
• SCS provide managed service for back-office support.

Why Choose Us?

SCS has the expertise and resources required to provide you the pieces for your mobile service. We’ve designed a flexible, robust platform that bridges a complex partner network so your life is simplified – one partner for all of your mobile needs.